Property Develpment

In order to key into the increasing demand for middle and high end affordable shelter and quality homes in Lagos and Ogun states, we have created an enabling environment for individuals, organizations and communities, by providing better homes, work places, retail and leisure spaces where they can aspire to live, work and play.

Towards this end, we are presently developing 200 acres of land as an estate along the Lagos-Badagry express route in Agbara/Igbesa called Royalty Homes, Agbara. The development commenced in year 2011 and the estates has services plots for possible development, properly laid out plan, recreational facilities among others. The Estate shares the same boundary with the Ogun State-Chinese Free Trade Zone, with international market size and high security. Also, some multinational companies like Nestle, Glaxosmith, Viju milk industries, vita malt, Dangote cement, shell gas plant, chevron plant, and Unilever among others are around the estate which will be a commercial boost for the estate. We also have some institutions around the estate which includes Crawford University, ACOED and LASU. Other areas of interest around us include Lagos resort centre, Badagry port, Winners Chapel and the Apostolic Faith Camp Ground. Royalty Homes currently exist in five (5) different locations around south west region of Nigeria namely: Lagos state: Agbowa/Ikorodu, Ibeju Lekki Ilamija & Ibeju Lekki Sirinwo. While in Ogun state: Agbara/Igbesa & Mowe Ofada.